Emerging with Purpose

Follow our study of the evolving workplace as we talk to Anuradha Razdan, Executive Director HR, Hindustan Unilever, on her experience of the lockdown and the role of personal leadership and connecting with the workforce in navigating through the crisis.

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Innovation in a Remote World

Follow our study of the evolving workplace as we talk to Anita Guha, CIO Talent Advisor, IBM, as she shares her experience during the lockdown, the importance of reskilling for a post-pandemic gig economy, and the role of resilience and agility for a better tomorrow.

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A Fresh Look at Workplace Experience

TAQ in dialogue with Suman Gopalan, CHRO Freshworks on agility, people strategy, and novel ways to enable social connection and sustain culture in the new normal. Watch this interview for insights on the evolving workplace and issues to address during this transition.

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Song, Strategy and Success

In conversation with Tzeitel Fernandes, Partner at Aon and a gifted choral singer, discussing her journey, finding balance between the different aspects of her life and what her training in music has made possible for her.

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Radiating Joy

TAQ speaks to musculoskeletal radiologist, Dr. Aditya Daftary on his life in medicine and his work as a comedian. He tells us about how curiosity propelled him on this journey through the different worlds he occupies. There is a common thread of empathy and focus on people that underlies both his approach to patient care and creative expression.

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Shuttling Between Worlds

An inspiring conversation with Ajay Jayaram - top badminton player and talented artist. Ajay talks about the ups and downs of a career in badminton, his perspective on resilience, and what art offers him in a world otherwise defined by tough standards and competitive outcomes.

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Habits that generate resilience

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Cross-train to build the resilience muscle! There are many small and big habits that we can adopt to strengthen our resilience. In this article we look at the different paths we can take – body, mind, heart and soul and the habits that go with walking each path. Based on our work with leaders, we know that any of the elements can be a starting point and goes a long way to enhancing well-being and supporting performance!

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