TAQ brings knowledge and practices from the performing arts into other professions and spaces, to create compelling empathetic and empowered leaders and strong organisations for tomorrow.

Today, it is growing confidently and responding spontaneously to bridge two worlds that are often perceived as complete contrasts.


It all began when we realised that our combined expertise in psychology, strategic planning and project management could never be separated from our unbridled love for the performing arts. So, we decided to use it all together. It’s a choice we are constantly delighted by.

At TAQ, we harness skills and techniques from the performing arts to deliver creative learning experiences. The goal is to unleash the true leadership potential of each participant, enabling them not just to fulfil their roles, but to also enhance their performance consistently.

Research has repeatedly shown us that training in the performing arts develop cognition, confidence, academic achievement, poise, intra and interpersonal skills as well as much more. We’re thrilled to say our work shows us the same.

Every new experience and every new participant demonstrate the limitless and wonderful ways that the arts can transform people from within. That’s when we step back and proudly say, “there’s the magic of the arts quotient.”