We create transformative learning experiences to enable insight, facilitate skill
transfer, and enable people to embody the change they want to be.

Speak up programme for Women Leaders

Strengthening women leaders

This programme equips women leaders to occupy greater space both psychologically and physically. The experience is rooted in the context of the company’s efforts to enable successful women leaders and create a more inclusive workplace. Women leaders will be armed with perspectives and skills that allow them to:

  • Be more aspirational for themselves
  • Identify and address hindering sub-texts
  • Communicate effectively in ‘difficult conversations’ – be they at the front of the room or one-on-one

Different Strokes: On Bias, Diversity and Inclusion

Encouraging diversity and inclusion

This programme concentrates on how to have a mix of people working together, and how to make the mix work seamlessly. Even with the best intentions inclusion efforts often falter, because they require fundamental behavioural change from individuals, beyond company level policies. This experience is designed to help participants:

  • Be aware and tackle their own biases
  • Understand the experience and nature of bias
  • Make a personal commitment towards creating a more inclusive workspace

Integrity Lab

Fostering strong professional integrity and ethics

In organizations or industries where compliance is critical (manufacturing, financial services for example), through a series of games, participants are encouraged to think about:

  • Their own approach to rules, compliance and ethics
  • The process by which they make choices on personal integrity
  • The impact of these choices in a business context

Innovation Lab

Exploring personal creativity and agility in problem solving

This experience helps participants value learning agility, explore blocks that inhibit innovation and to access their personal creativity for solving everyday problems. This Lab encourages participants to:

  • Gain insight into the creative problem solving process
  • Stay curious and solution-oriented
  • Bring the whole brain to the task of business problem-solving

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