We create transformative learning experiences to enable insight, facilitate skill
transfer, and enable people to embody the change they want to be.

The Executive Presence Programme

Establishing executive presence

Great presence – being inspiring and credible – distinguishes compelling leaders from others. Whether it is at a boardroom, a pitch or even a public speech, leaders need to access their personal tool-boxes (voice, body language, proxemics) effectively to have a deeper impact on their audiences. The skills learnt here enable leaders to:

  • Discover their personal leadership style
  • Be confident and compelling
  • Exhibit spontaneity
  • Build authentic connections
  • Inspire action

Leading through Storytelling

Articulating a clear vision

This programme helps leaders build a range of storytelling tools that enhance the presentation of their vision and goals. The aim is to gain support for and inspire action from their stakeholders towards their vision. Going through this experience will enable leaders to:

  • Appreciate multiple perspectives on their vision
  • Articulate their vision in a way that connects with their audience
  • Build collective ownership for the vision

Programme on Creative Leadership

Fostering innovation

This programme addresses innovation in a holistic manner – emphasizing a creative approach to challenges, and the necessity of building synergies for success. By bringing the whole brain to the task of leadership, this experience enables leaders to:

  • Be more confident about experimenting and managing risk
  • Identify and practice behaviours that will encourage an environment for innovation
  • Get the team to think as one collective sharing a common vision

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