We create transformative learning experiences to enable insight, facilitate skill
transfer, and enable people to embody the change they want to be.


Transferring skills

It takes initiative, grit and guts to bring an innovative idea to life and seed a fast-growing business. It takes an entirely different set of skills and behaviours to keep it steady, manage growing teams and work towards the next horizon. Founders and early stage leaders have to constantly remain agile to business opportunity while evolving the roles they play at their companies. Often, the expanding CXO suite includes new members who have to make the balance between reflecting the original ethos of the founders while taking the company to where it needs to head.

Our coaches work closely with CXOs of fast growing enterprises to enable them to:

  • Build practices that will help the leadership team function seamlessly
  • Deepen and communicate their vision to stakeholders
  • Build credibility, trust, and win followership
  • Manage the growing diversity in their organizations

The process focuses on creating leaders that are measured and effective while still retaining a sense of ‘play’ that brought them to a start-up in the first place.

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