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Communication, Presence and Influence

Presence is the secret sauce that makes leadership effective. Our programmes deconstruct this elusive quality and help leaders come across as credible and compelling. Using techniques from theatre, movement and storytelling, we help leaders master the art of:

  • Articulating their vision and goals in a way that connects to their audience
  • Building authentic connections and influence
  • Using their personal toolbox (voice, body language, intuition) to have more impactful conversations


Executive Presence

Whether a board room presentation, an investor pitch, giving difficult feedback, or speaking in public, developing presence can go a long way to inspire trust and influence action. This programme deconstructs presence to help leaders have more engaged conversations, develop their style of influence and expand their personal repertoire of tools (voice, body language, etc).

Leading through storytelling

Enable leaders to deepen and gain support for their vision by harnessing practices from storytelling. It helps leaders understand the pulse of their audience and articulate vision in a way that creates engagement and action. During the sessions, leaders explore multiple perspectives on their message, train their storytelling muscle and build techniques that help land the message with clarity.

EQ for Presence

Explore a map of emotional states and techniques to regulate emotion in conversations. This module draws a lot from the Natyashastra (treatise on theatre) to understand emotion the way stage artists do, and apply the insights generated to enable more empathic conversations.

Delivery Formats

  • Personalized coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Workshops
  • Comprehensive programmes

Seeking a Customised Programme?

Connect with us. We would love to explore bringing the power of our method to your team, organization and community!