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Collaboration, Synergy and Inclusion

When a team works collaboratively, it increases spontaneity, creativity, cooperation, productivity and overall performance. Live arts such as music, puppetry and theatre are rich with techniques that enable collaborative modes of working. Drawing from research on group flow and synergy, the learning experiences help leaders and their teams

  • Experience the collective energy of the group.
  • Build trust and have more generative conversations
  • Strengthen communication and team culture.


Leading Teams

Explores leadership practice that generate a more collaborative environment, encourage better communication patterns within the team and build a high performance culture. Through exercises drawn from music and theatre leaders explore how to harness the collective energy of the group, build trust and deepen the team’s experience of synergy

Conscious communication

Enables leaders to have mindful conversations with stakeholders, listen to the unsaid, and conduct difficult interactions in an empathic way. The focus is on team communication that helps surface and address conflict in a constructive way and adopting practices that move the needle for the leader and the team

Inclusive Leadership

Uses creative play to delve into biases that we carry with us, and develop strategies to manage those biases for decision-making. Helps leaders co-hold multiple perspectives and embed practices that are more inclusive in a diverse workplace.

Delivery Formats

  • Personalized coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Workshops
  • Comprehensive programmes

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