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Agility, Renewal and Innovation

The ability to make quick and effective decisions in high-stress situations is the key to keep pace with a constantly evolving world. Our work seeds mindsets, skills, and behaviours that enable leaders and organisations to be resilient and effective in uncertain situations. By harnessing the power of theatre, storytelling, improv, and visual arts, leaders can:

  • Enhance awareness of emotions, mood states, stress and recovery.
  • Practice deep listening and strengthen intuition.
  • Explore the principles of staying agile and flexible.
  • Apply the whole brain to problem solving.


Leadership Agility

Deepen leaders’ understanding of what it takes to be agile, proactive and work with ambiguity. Carefully crafted simulations based on improv, theatre and storytelling help leaders understand and embrace the mind-sets needed to stay open and flexible. At the core of this is a toolbox that helps manage emotion, focus effort and make better leadership choices.

Leadership renewal and resilience

Helps individuals map their experience, identify and express emotion and access personal resources that help them stay the course of the leadership marathon. The approach is not only about building strength, but finding a sense of joy and flow at work and life.

Leading Innovation

Helps leaders creatively approach challenges, and support their teams to innovate. As they solve divergent and convergent problems, leaders become more confident about experimenting and managing risk and identify practices that will create an environment for innovation.

Delivery Formats

  • Personalized coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Workshops
  • Comprehensive programmes

Seeking a Customised Programme?

Connect with us. We would love to explore bringing the power of our method to your team, organization and community!