Women of Impact


The Context

An International IT company wanted to focus on strengthening women leaders to grow within the organisation, commensurate with their expertise and experience. When we came in attrition/plateauing was the norm. The question was how to retain, seed aspiration and equip for success in their global, male dominated environment. 

TAQ’s Intervention 

Our program focused on 3 key elements:

  • Embracing aspiration
    • Clarifying personal vision and setting the compass for their ambitions, both personal and professional.
  • Building communication & influencing capabilities
    • Crafting personal leadership styles for greater impact
    • Unpacking subtext that was hindering them leading others
    • Practicing tools such as voice, body language, listening skills to enhance credibility/presence.
  • Creating habits 
    • For replenishing & sustaining stamina
    • For commitment to their aspirations
    • Building personal practices that created a sense of wellness and joy at work.

TAQ Impact

“It was a marquis program for the company. Even after 2 years, this group’s attrition rate was 45% lower after this intervention, as compared to the average for women leaders at the company. What was more impressive was that 74% of this cohort made it to the management level.”

-Company’s H.R. Lead