BehindTheSeen with BindhuMalini


Bindhu Malini is a Singer, Composer erstwhile Graphic Designer. She has worked predominantly in the Tamil Film Industry. Bindhu was born into a musical family and holds a degree in Graphic Design from the National Institute of Design. She is trained in both Hindustani music and Carnatic music but she is heavily influenced by the poems of Saint Kabir and the songs of Kumar Gandharva. The influence of the poems of mystic saints of India are evident in her performances.

Bindhu knows that the product is great if the preparation is done the right way, “For me the preparation matters a lot”. She doesn’t let her lack of knowledge limit her possibilities. She believes in simply asking when she does not understand something. This practice has stopped herself from holding back, doubting her abilities and from achieving her full potential.

This whole thing about going ahead, going ahead, moving forward, moving forward… It happens a lot. It’s in our being now. So what does it mean to pause?

Even before the pandemic hit, she decided to take a step back from her art form and re-assess. When most were putting as much content out as they could, Bindhu was using this time to reflect on her relationship with her art. Was it just a means of livelihood or was there a deeper relationship between her and her art?

Take a peek at her journey of coping with transitions, learning and moving beyond constraints #BehindtheSeen