BehindTheSeen with ShailiSathyu


Shaili Sathyu is a Theatre Director, Playwright & an Educator. She comes from a family of theatre directors and screenwriters. Her interest in teaching and nurturing children led her to go through a teacher training course. She also worked extensively to reach out to travel channels that had contact with children. Her debut directorial production was Barso Ram Dhadke Se.

Shaili’s exploration with theatre is to introduce different experiences to children using the arts. She uses her theatre and her teacher training to shape young minds. Learning new things and learning constantly is her aim. She believes that one can never stop learning and this she has learnt from being around children.

Trying your hand at new skills all the time, making a fool of yourself very often – that risk is something that one has to take.

Patience with yourself, sticking by your choices, owning up to your mistakes and not comparing yourself to other artists or people from other work sectors, she thinks is very important.

Join us in learning about the adventures of working with children, and the passion and faith with which they thrive in the world of theatre #BehindtheSeen.