BehindTheSeen with SamhitaArni


Samhita Arni is a Writer and a Teacher. She has written 4 books with her first book being published when she was only 11 years old. Her second and third books are adaptations of Ramayana and her latest book ‘The Prince’ is a culmination of Silapathikaram. She is also a columnist for The Bangalore Mirror and The Hindu.

She explains that healing and transformation can happen by sharing emotions and building a connection with other people as that’s how we thrive as a species.

I am looking at you and I can’t understand what’s going through your head. But through a story I can maybe understand something of your internal reality.

During the pandemic she took up more teaching than usual. She understands that due to the comfort level that virtual meets bring about, there was more vulnerability amongst her students. She saw them getting more and more comfortable and applying the stories that they are learning in class to reflect among themselves.

“… to see writing not as a singular act but as something that a community does together.”

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