Building Collaborative Teams


The Context

An American company going through a restructuring exercise, needed their senior ASIAPAC team to accept the new structure and percolate this to their reportees. The challenge was to enable seamless working across functional boundaries.

TAQ’s Intervention 

We helped them:

  • Experience the potential collective energy of their group and nurture a commitment to better collaboration.
  • Have a toolbox of techniques for e.g. listening skills, building perspective on the whole picture etc. to effectively connect with team members
  • Make individual game-plans to incorporate practices into their daily work that would help move the needle for business.

For the team, this involved learning to:

  • Listen to the unsaid and observing
  • Focus (keeping your eye on the vision at all times)
  • Find a bird’s eye view – looking at the movement of the whole organisation, not just restricting to their respective functions
  • Stay agile and flexible when things happen a little differently during execution

The methodology involved getting the team to work closely together to animate a bunraku-style puppet which requires at least three people to co-ordinate. Theatre improv and music-based exercises helped them experience “Group Flow” & articulate what helped them work well together.

TAQ Impact 

“I did not realise until this workshop, what I personally could do to change a team dynamic. Now, I take a moment before our meetings with a check-in to see that I am in a good place to collaborate”.

– India Business Head