Leadership can be learnt. At The Arts Quotient, we help business leaders internalize skill-sets and challenge barriers that open a world of possibilities.

What we do

We approach leadership complexities with our unique, multidisciplinary approach. We draw from the best of management practice, research, and the performing arts to help business leaders expand their horizons and make effective choices

Our Approach

We focus on how learning gets embedded and leadership gets embodied. We draw on techniques from the arts that take complex ideas and break it down into learnable skills and behaviours.

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Our Insights

Client Testimonials

Today in my first board meeting briefing, I was tensed a bit, but breath technique helped and I could compose my point clearly
Personal Presence Programme
I have reaped the benefits of the three day training we had on a single occasion…the savings to the company would be about 1 crore per month.
Personal Impact Programme
It was a marquis programme for the company. Even after 2 years, this group’s attrition rate was 45% lower after this intervention, when compared to the average for women leaders at the company. And 74% of this cohort made it into the management level.
Women Leaders Programme
I did not realize till this workshop what I personally could do to change a team dynamic. I now take a moment before our meetings with a check-in to see that I am in a good place to collaborate
Leading Teams Programme
I notice my personal wins – for e.g., in handling a conversation with a co-founder, in how easy I felt during an all hands in Mumbai recently. Because of the techniques you taught me, I was able to manage myself from getting too heated up. This coaching work has been good for me in ways I am discovering. Even our investor noticed the change in me.
Personal Coaching
The session made me feel very light and energetic. The issues we face in our sector on a regular basis are very serious. This session taught us how to tackle them and ideate and yet not feel burdened.
Train the Trainer Programme
Both Sangeetha and Swati listen and respond to everything so there was no point during the session when I felt that the facilitators are unapproachable. They have a way of putting across difficult topics in a delicate way and that’s something I’d like to learn.
Train the Trainer Programme
The creative visualization exercises, representing our voice patterns, how breathing and body language can be used to control our mind, all of these was demonstrated beautifully by the faculty.
Personal Impact Programme
Somehow I started to feel that I have grown taller.
Women Leaders Programme