A Fresh Look at Workplace Experience


Agility and resilience have been at the heart of strategy for companies that managed to pivot and adapt early to the Covid crisis. Freshworks was among those who rapidly equipped a stable work-from-home model, introducing novel ideas to enable social connection. In this interview, Swati Apte, our co-founder, speaks to Suman Gopalan, CHRO – Freshworks, on her experience and learnings.

Suman Gopalan talks about how the organization was agile in moving their employees to a work from home mode. Freshworks’ philosophy and culture is to create a happy workplace and experience. This led to the development of innovative ways to transfer the same to remote working environment. She talks about how the company is focusing on the emotional, physical and mental well-being of employees. Collaborative work led to the origin of multiple creative ideas which engages employees and creates a healthy workspace. She talks about initiatives taken by the company to support employees with children and how there are different perspectives among people about coming back to work in the office.

To manage this conflict, the company is planning to have a physical office as well as availing the option of remote working to the employees. She delves into how sustaining the work culture is going to be important in the coming years and levelling the playing field will be critical between those in office and those working remotely. The company strives to be thoughtful and deliberate in describing work norms and collaboration. 

According to her, leaders will have to pick up cues and have to create an environment where people feel like they belong. Leaders will have to work on creating opportunities. She talks about how emotional commitment and intelligence is going to be the key point for leaders in the virtual space. 

Watch the interview for CHRO perspective on the future of the workplace, the transition, and everything in between.