BehindTheSeen with IrawatiKarnik


Irawati Karnik is a Theatre Artist, Director and a Playwright. She has contributed to Hindi cinema through works like ‘Smile Please’, ‘Be Dunhe Daha’ & Medium Spicy. She has acted in 8 plays, directed 5 plays and written 4 plays. Her plays have mostly been in Marathi.

With respect to the online theatre talk that has been happening during the pandemic, she shared her concerns of how much different would theatre be from a movie or a series? The thing that most people enjoy about theatre is the live performance. So this new area of theatre, she says, is not theatre nor is it film. It is an in between that most people have been discovering and building over.

Perhaps the role of Art shifts slightly through a time like this

In regards to the rules set during the pandemic by the government, Irawati finds it amusing that though the arts were not included in the “essentials” list, the arts were the sole things that kept people going, in the form of movies, series and books.

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