BehindTheSeen with SwarnamalyaGanesh


Swarnamalya is a Dancer, Dance Historian and a Performance Study Scholar. She has been dancing from the age of 3. She is well known for her various acting stints in movies, television and her role as an Anchor on reality TV. She has a Diploma in acting for camera from San Jose State University, California, US. She also has a Masters in Bharatnatyam and Ph. D in Dance History from  Madras University.

Being a dance historian, she believes that much of the performance is stuck in History.

Swarnamalya believes that her preparation before a performance is performance itself. Art is not limited to the stage. She stresses that Art and Culture of our country are intertwined.

She challenges the boxes that artists have to fit according to traditional practices and talks about keeping a very traditional art relevant in a changing world. However, art being an important part of many people’s identity, their art thrives from sheer resilience.

I can’t quit and leave because this is all I know. But, I can slow down and share space, and maybe something more meaningful might emerge.

Join in on the story of an Indian Classical Dancer and her thoughts on the art. #BehindtheSeen