Radhika Gupta

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Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO of Edelweiss AMC is a best-selling author and a powerful voice on social media. She took on this role at Edelweiss when she was only 33 and has grown it ten-fold to a trillion rupee company since. Before taking on this job, she had already been an entrepreneur and worked at McKinsey. Her book ‘Limitless – The Power of Unlocking your True Potential’ candidly draws on personal experiences overcoming adversity to attain success. Her honesty in sharing her own journey inspires many women and men to embrace their own vulnerability and aspire for more.

In our conversation, Radhika delved into what drives her, where she finds the resilience to overcome both personal and professional challenges. We were particularly intrigued by her take on not just the dual balance between personal and professional lives but in fact, developing a ‘tertiary side’. Like how the demanding task of writing her book, in fact helped her feel energized about work. This and more stories of strength, growing continuously and building a community around you from Radhika in this episode of Women of Will.