Radiating Joy


TAQ speaks to musculoskeletal radiologist, Dr. Aditya Daftary on his life in medicine and his work as a comedian. He tells us about how curiosity propelled him on this journey through the different worlds he occupies. There is a common thread of empathy and focus on people that underlies both his approach to patient care and creative expression.

Dr. Aditya talks about how in medicine the interest often comes from someone that makes you go, ‘this person is awesome’. He talks about how his cousin was the reason he got into radiology. He shares how performing arts give structure and outlet to a cluttered mind. His purpose of doing comedy is seeing people laugh because it gives him an incredible feeling to enable that.

He talks about the value a mentor adds to your life and how support from people around him is a big reason for his success – his family, his daughter, other important people in his life. His deep interest in people and empathy have led him to craft comedy that is inclusive. At work as a doctor also, he likes to keep it real and retain the human touch.

He is trying to understand better how people learn, so that he can be a better teacher. He also wishes to create an interview show.

Travel with us on this journey of a doctor who likes to make people smile!